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Private Trauma Recovery Coaching

I provide a safe, shame-free space for clients who have had traumatizing experiences – narcissistic abuse, family scapegoating or other relational or developmental trauma. A place where you can heal and create a life you love. Complex PTSD can resolve and post-traumatic-growth can occur.

I believe we all have the innate capacity and drive to heal whatever we’ve been through. Relational trauma usually requires relational healing with a safe, caring, and skilled trauma-focused professional. I’ve been through CPTSD, so I get it and won’t pathologize you.

It would be my honor to help you let go of what you’ve been through, dissolve shame and fear, get unstuck & free your inborn capacity for healthy growth.

Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches
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I See You

Relational trauma survivors have often never been seen for who they actually are. In narcissistic and abusive relationships, you get told who you are, and it has nothing to do with the real you.

Let’s discover your Authentic Self. You are enough; you are what you ought to be.

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I hear You

When’s the last time you were carefully listened to by somebody who actually gets it?

Telling your story and being heard, understood, and validated breaks the hold of grooming lies and brings freedom from toxic shame and fear.

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I Care

I am a survivor of developmental and shock traumas. I understand at a fundamental level what you’re going through. It can be a nightmare.

I enjoy leading others into healing, peace, joy, and freedom.

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You Matter

Relational trauma survivors are groomed to believe they don’t matter, don’t deserve much, can’t get much, and have nothing to offer. These ideas do not reflect reality.

I’m here to see you through your healing until you create the life you want and are free to offer the world the gifts only you have to give.

What is the Process?

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First, we de-pathologize the aftermath of trauma and shame and instead bring insight and compassion to it. Your coping mechanisms and personality adaptations (however “problematic”) are ingenious patterns you developed to survive. Despite any symptoms, there’s nothing “wrong” with you yourself.

We then collaborate to explore, become mindful of, and eventually let go of survival adaptations & shame-based self-concepts. We work with present-day patterns and avoid archeological excavations and re-traumatization.

This involves soothing the nervous system, completing the emotions that were arrested due to trauma, and increasing your agency, leading to freedom, choice & empowerment.

Ultimately, our goal is healing, integration, reconnection to your body, emotions & safe others, autonomy, individuation, and the creation of a life you love.

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Take the First Step

Would you like to explore how working with a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach might free you from the aftermath of difficult experiences & enable you to create a life you love?

Schedule a free 1-hour discovery session now with Jim McGee, CTRC.

I’ve experienced CPTSD myself, am always learning more about how to recover, and have a gentle, non-retraumatizing, and non-pathologizing approach to helping and empowering my clients, who are my peers.

About Me

I am a survivor of developmental and shock traumas and have worked on recovery for 25 years.

I’ve supported survivors of relational trauma for the last 3 years, and have seen that most of us are stuck in important ways. There is a good reason for this; relational trauma causes Complex PTSD. Unfortunately, C-PTSD does not simply resolve with time. It requires some work and safe, competent relational healing. As a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach, I may be able to help.

Survivors deserve to transcend echoes of their past, enjoy their lives, and create the future they want. Living well is the best revenge and I believe it is possible for you. I’d be honored to play a role in that.

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